How does Texture Review look like?

If you upload  a texture and you push the REVIEW Button then I am going to see it when I filter the search by the checkbox “Show only ‘Send to Review'”.

In the following case you can see two textures.

Admin View of Texture Review

First of all I want to explain why is there a Review anyways?
If you want to play with your own textures, there is no Review needed. You can upload, go to the Extended Shop App and you can download it and play with it immediately.

However, if you want your textures appear in the Outfit++ Shop and if you want other people can see your textures, it has to pass the review.

Here are the main reasons for Review

  1. Wrong Category. Many users are using the wrong category when uploading textures. Common mistakes are FACE instead of FACE_HIGH_POLYGON or they mistake SAILOR_SUMMER_DEFAULT with SAILOR_WINTER_DEFAULT or even with BLAZER_SUMMER_DEFAULT.
  2. Also often the main Category is correct like SAILOR_SUMMER but the texture has not Stocking or Tights but nevertheless they use the SAILOR_SUMMER_HOLD_UP_STOCKING category. Although this would work in is annoying for the user because when they browse Hold Up Stocking they want to get Hold Up Stocking and not Default (‘white’ socks)
  3. Duplicate or Almost identical Content.
  4. Trademark Uploads like Adidas Uniform
  5. Textures are corrupted for Unity. Sometimes textures although they can be uploaded and displayed in the Web, they cannot be properly downloaded and applied in Unity. This happens rarely but it does happen. Therefore I test all textures ALWAYS.

There you see. In case I would not review anything the Outfit++ Shop had probably already more than 1.000 Textures. Many would be in the wrong category, contain duplicate or almost same content and some files would be even damaged which lead to total broken and not even working Customization.

Especially last point is absolutely critical.

The Review is basically very simple. I am checking the Texture Name and the texture itself. If it contains a bloody texture or not is completely irrelevant.

In case there is a small mistake in the Category I try to fix it. E.g. If the Texture Stocking is too HIGH the better category is _TIGHTS and not _HOLD_UP_STOCKING because the TIGHTS Mesh does show the full legs (thighs) and the panties when APPLIED as UNIFORM.

If you use in that case _HOLD_UP_STOCKING the upper Thigh texture will not be applied. In that case you have to apply the same Texture as SKIN, too.

anyway . . .

In case you did not understand it. Never mind. It’s very difficult to explain and even more difficult to understand if you have never worked with those meshes and textures before.

If anybody is interested leave a comment 🙂 I try to explain it next time with some pictures :O

This post should be mostly only about the Review section. How often I review? Around 1 or 2 times per month. If somebody uploaded 12 textures and he or she does not want to wait so long, message me via Facebook or Twitter. I can review it faster.

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