Finally iOS iPad Issues reproducible (iPad Air 2)

I bought a secondhand iPad Air 2 with 16 GB 🙂
Basically, the cheapest one that I could get in a good shape.

And Finally! FINALLY! F I N A L L Y!
I can reproduce the Errors that many iOS iPad users were talking about.

I have been postponing and postponing buying an iPad because I thought it is not necessary. Now I must admit, it is 100% necessary.

To all Unity Developers, the Xcode Emulator for iPad is absolutely trash. It lies straight into your face. It emulates the Scale totally different than an actual device.

Here you can see two Screenshots of two different problems that I could never actually reproduce.

iPad Scale Issue #1 (edges are cut because iPad does not use 16:9 Aspect Ratio)
iPad Scale Issue ## (edges fit into the Screen but the Top and Bottom is a Black Border. This is not so terrible but the CLICKING Trigger is way OFF) It means you have to click below a Button to trigger it or it may not even react.

I kinda knew they might be there under certain circumstances but I always thought I fixed them.

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  1. BTW For those who wonder why I bought an iPad Air 2, the reason is pretty simple. Because the Apple Review Team told me they use an iPad Air 2 when I asked them 😀

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