A.I. Progress Report – slowly but surely! YES!

It’s happening! Wanna share some amazing progress so far.

AI is reading manga magazine when feel bored

AI can have different states
AI is stting when feel tired
AI is eating when feel hungry
AI is drinking when feel thirsty
AI can die

I know some people think . . . “ugghh yikes, what’s so special?”

Well, the special part is how it was programmed! 🙂 It’s super flexible and extendable!

2 thoughts on “A.I. Progress Report – slowly but surely! YES!”

  1. Wow..This is so cool! I would like if we could like Die in multiplayer and Story mode if we dont feed ourself!
    And we could watch tv at home 🙂
    Btw This AI Test its awesome! U should made a Quest like midori and misa are hungry and U have to Give them something to eat (A hamburguer) And u will have 3+ of reputation from them :3

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