Fascinating A.I.

I have reached a point where it starts making fun just to observe the A.I.

Slowly even for me as developer it really becomes challenging to forecast what next step the A.I. is going to do.

AI (Good Girl) is picking up Trash from the Ground

AI sees trash (paper bag) on the ground and shake it’s head.

There will be in total at least three type of Girls.

  • Good Girls
  • Bad Girls
  • Normal (Average) Girl

Depending on the TYPE the behavior will be different.


A good girl will always

  • pick-up trash from the ground or
  • call the teacher and blame the person who did it

An the other hand a bad girl  will always

  • throw empty (bottles or food) on the ground and
  • will always ignore other people’s garbage on the ground

A normal Girl will do either what a good or bad girl is doing – depending on the circumstances.


Although I am doing pretty good progress I am far away of releasing anything this month.

My Ultimate goal is to create an A.I. that is as much outstanding and unique as the Customization in JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multiplayer!

6 thoughts on “Fascinating A.I.”

  1. I was wondering WHEN you might put out another update. I don’t meen to rush you, but I have finished all tasks in Jp schoolgirl supervisor multiplayer, an it’s starting to get boring… Just, maybe, could you let me know WHEN you’ll put out another update?

    1. I will release this week a small update that will fix the Photography Quests (due a refactoring it got broken).
      The next big, big Update will take more time.

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