A.I. States (Final)

Almost done?!

AIs are posing for the Camera (Social Event)

Well, at least for the basics. In Total there are going to be 10 DESIRES (more DESIRES may come later)

  • thirst
  • hunger
  • toilet
  • lovesick
  • tired
  • sick
  • bored
  • wisdom
  • social
  • special
AI have ten desires

I am super happy to tell that 9 of 10 are already implemented.

The intense of the desires is as follow:

  • <= 25 none
  • > 25 light
  • > 40 normal
  • > 60 strong
  • >75 critical
  • >90 hypercritcal
  • = 100 MAX

However, these are just the periodic events. Furthermore there are going to be specific or surprising events that are not yet included.

For example: If a person reaches

MAX Thirst > NPC dies

MAX Lovesick > NPC vomits

MAX Tired > NPC sit down on the ground

MAX Hunger> NPC desires (e.g. tired, lovesick) will increase faster

So far so good. But what happens when a NPC reaches MAX Hunger and MAX Lovesick at the same time? 😛

Surprise, Surprise!

Now you can imagine multiple combinations that will make this entire game so much fun and entertaining to observe!

Also not included are events like finding a dead body, going to class, going to club, going home and sleep etc.


The biggest challenge and puzzle at the moment is where it is going to take place. I mean, I don’t think the current approach with different scenes  is good. Therefore there will be very likely a much smaller map.

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  1. Or maybe make a container of sorts for tranferring data and apply them when transitioning scenes? Just trying to help, not trying to nag. Also i know it has been a loong time since this post… i joined recently so please dont barrade me if you already did this.

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