Changing outfits during Gameplay – One of my favourite upcoming Features!

This is probably the feature that I have been most looking for.

We have a super-powerful and amazing customization. It was such a shame that it could be only used in the Start Scene . . . well, . . . until now!

Finally AIs will be able to change their outfits during actual gameplay. This is something that I have been desiring for such  along time and now I am super happy to finally present it.

AIs can wear different outfits depending on the situation

The NPCs will not just change their clothes but first they will look for a locker, then open it, then changing their outfit and then they will close it again. Afterwards they may jump in the air quickly.

All these parts together create a really powerful and authentic simulation.

NPCs change their outfit during gameplay

4 thoughts on “Changing outfits during Gameplay – One of my favourite upcoming Features!”

  1. I’ve always wanted this feature! Great job on getting it done, I can imagine how difficult it must have been.

    I have an issue with the backup feature in the multiplayer game. I DID back my old save game up BEFORE I uninstalled the app, but when I installed it again and tapped “Download data from cloud” I got some blue text saying “Data downloaded – RESTARTING now” but nothing did happen. It wouldn’t restart. So I restarted it myself, but I still hadn’t gotten my progress back. I tried it again and it just said the same thing without doing anything. Then when I restarted the app for a 3rd time, I saw that instead of “Upload: 22nd August 08:17” it said “Upload: 23rd August 03:00″(something, idk what the time was). I’m really upset because I think I may have lost my progress for good. My last data upload (where I still had all my game progress) was on yesterday on 22nd August 08:17. If there is anything you could do it would be greatly appreciated.

    My username is: xxskylarxx
    Loyalty points collected: 34

    (Just in case you need that information)

    I tried to contact you through email at first but couldn’t be sure what your email was.

    1. hmm I am not sure how I can help you here.

      Did you try applying it again? Maybe the server had a problem that time.

      The time on the Backup Tab does not show the Last Backup (it used to be but now it just shows the last interaction with the server). For example when you login, or when you request a loyalty point the time will update.

      1. Oh, okay, thanks. I guess I’ll try again. If not then I’ll just start from scratch. Thanks for the help. And thank you for making this game a thing, I’m really glad it exists.

      2. Sorry for the late reply. I tried doing what you said but I still have nothing. And again, it says 23rd instead of 22nd. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it now, unless there’s something you have in mind.

        Thank you anyway.

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