Satomi’s biggest BREAST as Sailor Summer Default BB

I have been working with the Aoi Character pack since THREE years and just recently I actually figured out that Satomi has a much bigger breast than Aoi.

Satomi’s bigger Breast! (Mesh) (left Satomi, right Aoi)

I have not tested it yet for Honoka. But I believe her Breast Size is identical with Aoi. Also it is worth to mention that Satomi’s hips and body structure is slightly different too.

At the moment I have added only Sailor Summer Default (BB)

That is Satomi’s Mesh in Sailor Summer Uniform with white Socks (in this case white Loose Socks). Yes, these loose Socks are integrated in the Mesh, so you cannot choose colors or un-select them.

I am considering to add a couple of more Meshes. Probably one Blazer Summer, one Blazer Winter, one Sailor Winter and one Swimsuit.

I will for sure not add all possible combinations.





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