Satomi’s biggest BREAST as Sailor Summer Default BB

I have been working with the Aoi Character pack since THREE years and just recently I actually figured out that Satomi has a much bigger breast than Aoi.

Satomi’s bigger Breast! (Mesh) (left Satomi, right Aoi)

I have not tested it yet for Honoka. But I believe her Breast Size is identical with Aoi. Also it is worth to mention that Satomi’s hips and body structure is slightly different too.

At the moment I have added only Sailor Summer Default (BB)

That is Satomi’s Mesh in Sailor Summer Uniform with white Socks (in this case white Loose Socks). Yes, these loose Socks are integrated in the Mesh, so you cannot choose colors or un-select them.

I am considering to add a couple of more Meshes. Probably one Blazer Summer, one Blazer Winter, one Sailor Winter and one Swimsuit.

I will for sure not add all possible combinations.





4 thoughts on “Satomi’s biggest BREAST as Sailor Summer Default BB”

  1. Hi! I’ve been playing supervisor sato for a long time, and much follow the story, but I don’t know much about English, is there any probability of translating to Portuguese?

  2. Hello !
    First of all I really love you game !
    Second I wanted to know if it’s possible to add more tipical accessoires? (Like rings, hairpins, new types of chokers or even cardigan ! I love cardigans).

  3. hello dear Peter,
    I am writing to you because not so long ago I discovered one of your games which was schoolgirl supervisor wildlif, I immediately loved the atmosphere of the game, the scenario and even the fact that ‘you had to wait 8 hours to get the loyalty points but you see today I was finally able to enter building G and I did the other missions that we could do but I quickly noticed that the game gone stopped after I got the Scouter extension so I have a question for you Mr. Korosik are you going to continue the development of this game because I would so like to know the rest of the story of Saori and then to know the past life of Akane chan (Rip) please continue to develop this game it has so much potential.

    cordially a little French girl passionate about this game who I hope will be an anime that I would create

    1. Of course do not get tired too much because I know you have a lot of work at the moment and it is not at all the right time to talk to you about this because you already have a game that you are developing which should take you a lot of time and fatigue but I would just like to know if you will continue to develop schoolgirl supervisor wildlife

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