Fascinating A.I.

I have reached a point where it starts making fun just to observe the A.I.

Slowly even for me as developer it really becomes challenging to forecast what next step the A.I. is going to do.

AI (Good Girl) is picking up Trash from the Ground

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A.I. Inspiration from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Long time ago when I started crafting an A.I., I had the following approach.

1) First the Player is doing something (e.g. hitting a NPC)

. . .  and THEN . . .

2) The NPC (None Playable Character) should response / do something

Now I realize this is completely wrong. The Key of a good and amazing A.I. is the fact that the A.I. is actually doing something interesting just by themselves. Continue reading “A.I. Inspiration from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3”

1.500 GByte Traffic (1.5 TB total) – Just JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multiplayer (Android)

In case anyone has ever wondered how much traffic this game is causing . . . here you go!

Just for the month June 2018 and only the Android Version for the Play Store consumed Continue reading “1.500 GByte Traffic (1.5 TB total) – Just JP Schoolgirl Supervisor Multiplayer (Android)”

Welcome to my new Development Blog

For the last two years I have been posting mostly only on  http://schoolgirlsupervisor.com/#/DevelopmentBlogschoolgirl.supervisor.com 

(despite Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media panels)

However, I must realize that I suck at SEO :). Also my own written single page Blog is not that perfectly optimized and adjusted like WordPress :O

Therefore I decided I will use that upper Blog only for Important News.

For less important stuff, things that are currently being developed I will stick with this WordPress.