A.I. – Lovesick Progress

Finally I have implemented a logic where NPC starts kissing each other when they reached 100 Lovesick.

They will first enter a ‘cozy area’ and then waiting for a partner.

AI is lovesick. She needs partnet

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First A.I. Progress Demonstration Video

Alright after one month of experimenting, testing and crafting I am happy to show you all the very first A.I. Demonstration Video.


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A.I. – The little things that make Games great!

You do not need the fanciest high polygon graphics, the best particle collisions or craziest motion blur effects to great stunning results.

Sometimes the small details matter that make your game great.

I was pretty much amazed how the following very simple but nice animation impact the game atmosphere.

AI has discovered Trash and calls the teachers to blame the person who did it

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Fascinating A.I.

I have reached a point where it starts making fun just to observe the A.I.

Slowly even for me as developer it really becomes challenging to forecast what next step the A.I. is going to do.

AI (Good Girl) is picking up Trash from the Ground

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